Find out how to use your Split Volume step by step!

At FuXion we are always at the forefront with the best tools to help you improve your business and take you to the next level.

So we have implemented the Split Volume’s benefit in which whenever you place an order or generate an auto-send of 120 points or more you can divide that amount and stay active for four weeks.

Thanks to Split Volume you can choose to have the system consider 60 volume points in your current cycle and save the other 60 volume points for the next one. This way you can have more time to develop your business without worrying about activating or closing the gap!

To split the volume of your order, follow the next steps:

1. Place your order in your Offix as usual.

2. Make sure your order has at least 120 points; otherwise the split option will not show.

3. When you get to the Order Review screen below, choose one of the options in the red square to split your volume. The options are:

· No selection (no volume split)

· Keep me Active for four weeks (2 cycles) by pushing half of my PV to my next cycle.

· Keep me Active for four weeks (2 cycles) by pushing 20 PV to my next cycle.

· Keep me Active for four weeks (2 cycles) by pushing 60 PV to my next cycle.

4. Click on the ¨Place Your Order¨ button.

Do not waste time and use this eXpectacular benefit in your business. From now our technological innovations will help you to fulfill all your goals with FuXion!

Terms and Conditions

  • Enrollment orders can only be split with 60 PV pushed to the next cycle, with the rest of the volume in the current week.
  • Autoship (only available in the USA and Peru) orders can only be split with 50% of the PV in the week the order is placed
    and the other 50% in the next cycle.

Important note: The system will not allow you to split your volume if you are in cycle week 2.

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